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What is Foundhers Circle?

Foundhers Circle is a network which was created with one mission in mind: to provide women with the tools they need to build and scale profitable and impactful businesses and connect them with other women who are doing the same. Essentially, we want to see womxn-founded businesses thrive. The intention of the network is to get more womxn in South Africa to view entrepreneurship as a viable career prospect and to empower them not only to build their own businesses, but to provide them with the resources to stay in business and have businesses that thrive, considering South Africa's high startup failure rate. The network was established by Keitumetse Pule in March 2021.

Commercially, we offer tools to professionalisse womxn-founded businesses including web development, SMM and business consulting. These initial offerings are rooted in the understanding that Covid19 has accelerated digitalisation and with most things being virtually online as a result thereof, the importance of having a strong online presence as a business cannot be understated as it increases the prospects of having a wider reach, getting more clients and making more sales.

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